Agility Test




Physical screening procedures shall meet the following criteria:

1) they are job related;

2) they are not discriminatory on the basic of sex, age, race, etc., and

3) they represent crucial phases of firefighting and emergency tasks. During the

testing, all procedures will be explained in detail and demonstrated if necessary.

A maximum time limit is imposed on all test items. This time limit is enforced merely to avoid a situation in which a candidate cannot complete a given task and/or rests for prolonged periods between attempts. Exceeding the liberal time limit on any test item or voluntary termination of any task before completion will result in disqualification of applicant.




Some of the tasks will require that PPE be worn. Before each task begins you will be

told what is required.

PPE consists of; SCBA, helmet, hood, bunker coat, bunker pants, boots and gloves.

NOTE: Applicant may want to bring personal turnout gear, if not turnout gear will be


Instructions: If at any time you feel sick or faint, stop the test and notify your evaluators. The evaluators will provide constant instructions as you proceed through the testing.

  1. Ladder Climb and Leg Lock - PPE and SCBA required but not breathing air              from cylinder.

The applicant will be instructed on the method of climbing and how to maneuver into proper firefighting safety lock-in position on the ladder. The applicant will demonstrate their ability to deal with fear of heights by safely climbing and leaning away from the ladder.

Applicant will climb a ladder to the top of training tower. After reaching top of tower applicant will come back down the ladder until told to stop. You will be instructed to demonstrate a leg lock into one of the ladder rungs.

   You have 2 minutes and 15 seconds to complete this task.


1) Climb on ball of feet, not your toes or heels which will slide off the rungs.

2) Keep your back perpendicular to the ground with arms fully extended,

leaving your body away from the ladder. This should leave your knees

plenty of room.

  3) Look straight ahead and up. Do not look down.

  4) Climb right arm and right leg, then left arm and left leg.

5) Push up with your legs rather than pulling up with arms.

  6) When locking into the ladder take care to grasp rungs securely.

  7) Watch where ladder sections change.

  2. Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Crawl – PPE and SCBA required with                facemask in place and breathing air from the cylinder.

Applicant will be provided with a SCBA. Applicant will enter the interior of training building wearing a blackened-out face mask with SCBA. Applicant will crawl on hands and knees using the walls as guidance. Applicant will crawl around room four (4) consecutive times before stopping.


  You have 4 minutes to complete this task.

   ( 2 MINUTE REST )

  3. Stair Climb/Hose Carry - PPE and SCBA required but not breathing air from


Applicant will be positioned at base of training tower wearing turnout gear and SCBA. A section of 50 feet section of 2½” hose will be placed at base of tower. Applicant when instructed will pick up hose, and proceed up the stairs as safely and quickly as possible to top level of training tower. Once at top of training tower, applicant will lay 50 feet section of hose down. Applicant will then lift a 50 feet section of 2½” hose to the top level by hoisting the hose up by a rope attached at the top of the tower. After this task has been completed lower the 2½” hose back down to ground level. Applicant will then pick up 50 feet section of 2½” hose on the floor of training tower and proceed back down steps. Time will stop when applicant has reached the starting position at the base of the training tower steps.

  Note: Applicant should keep in contact with handrail when climbing steps. Do not                skip steps when going up or down training tower.

  You have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to complete this task.

  ( 2 MINUTE REST )  

   4. Hose Coupling - PPE and SCBA required but not breathing air from cylinder.


Applicant using (3) three sections of 2½” hose with nozzle will couple and uncouple hose. Applicant will begin at the hydrant and couple each section of hose, and connect the nozzle to the last section of hose. After nozzle has been connected, then disconnect the nozzle, standing the nozzle on the butt end. Then uncouple each section of hose along the way and lay coupling back on the hose. FAILURE TO LAY COUPLING BACK ON HOSE WILL RESULT IN A 5 SECOND PENALTY PER OCCURRENCE. Uncouple each section of hose back to the hydrant. Time will stop when this has been completed.

  Note: All coupling should be hand tight.

  You have 3 minutes to complete this task.

   5. Rescue Mannequin Drag - PPE and SCBA required with facemask in place and

breathing air from cylinder.

Starting at a point marked on cement pad in front of station. Applicant will drag a rescue mannequin for a distant of 75’. Time will start at a mark 75’ from the rescue mannequin. Walk to rescue mannequin. Grasp the mannequin under the arms and lock arms around mannequin and cradle the head. This will simulate a shoulder drag and protecting the head as in a rescue. Time will stop when you cross the starting point with the mannequin.

   You have 2 minutes to complete this task.

   ( 2 MINUTE REST )

   6.Quarter Mile Run - No PPE and SCBA required.


  Beginning at the start line, run (not walk) the one quarter mile course marked off.

  Note: Applicant needs to bring tennis shoes, shorts or sweats for the run.

   You have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to complete this task.




I understand that the information which is obtained during this Physical Agility Test will be treated as privileged and confidential information. For myself and my Executors, Heirs, and Assigns, I hereby assume all risk of personal injury incidental to my participating in this Physical Agility Test.

Do you have any know health conditions that will prevent you from safely completing the evolutions in the agility test? _______ no _______ yes, Explain _________


I have read and understand the above instructions for the testing procedures of this program. I have informed the evaluation team of any known physical problems that would increase the danger of this exercise. I understand that these exercises involve some risk of injury. I agree to indemnify and hold North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department harmless from all claims arising out of my participation in these exercises.