Pre-Employment Package

Effective Date: 4-7-2022


Dear Applicant: 

Attached you will find the following: 

      - Job Description, pay package and other information

      - An application for staff employment

      - An application for Firefighter Or Firefighter/Driver 

Make sure that you complete all areas of the application. You must include a certified copy of your Criminal history and Driver's record with your application. You must include a copy of you EMT certification, All Firefighter certifications, Driver's license and Social Security card with your application.


Please return to the following address:  

North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department

45 Morris Road

Pittsboro, North Carolina 27312


Applications will be reviewed as needed. 

Testing for Firefighter And Firefighter/Driver may include, but not limited to the following: 

- Written Test  - Firefighting Essentials/First Responder

- Agility Test  - Applicant will be provided a description of agility test.

- Oral Interview with Officers


As a condition of consideration for employment, each applicant must supply North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department with a certified copy of their driving history covering the past seven (7) years.


As a condition of consideration for employment, each applicant must supply North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department with a certified copy of their criminal history covering the past seven (7) years.


All successful applicants will be required to pass a department physical examination. This physical will be performed at a facility chosen by North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department. NCVFD will pay for this physical exam. 


As a condition of employment, each successful applicant for employment with the North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department must submit to a pre-employment alcohol and drug screening. Either refusing to sign a consent form (authorizing the test to be conducted and the results to be released to the Fire Chief) or obtaining results which show the applicant to be physically incapable of performing the duties of the position in question will exclude him/her from further consideration. “Physically incapable” is defined as no reasonable accommodation available that would make it possible for the individual to perform the essential job functions of the position in question.


All Newly hired full time employees are subject to a 6 month evaluation or introductory period to allow the North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department to verify skills, capabilities, and suitability of the employee for the department. The designation of this probationary period does not constitute an obligation on the part of the North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department to retain the employee for the entire period specified. During the probationary period, the Fire Chief or the employee may terminate the working relationship without cause and without advance notice. At the end of the 6-month period, the Fire Chief may extend the probationary period for an additional time if needed. 

The North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department entitles its full-time employees to partial

benefits during the probationary period, including vacation time and sick leave. 


With the exception of records and information that the department is legally required to

provide to government agencies or under court order, the North Chatham Volunteer 

Fire Department will release no information about any employee, unless a signed

authorization from the employee is on file. 

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call. The phone number to Station #1 is

919-542-3380 and Station # 2 is 919-933-9068. 



      This individual will be responsible for the day to day operations of the

     North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department and will include responding to

     emergency situations. Duties will include, but not be limited to the following: 

            Pre-Incident surveys

            Maintenance and inspection of equipment

            Station and building maintenance

            Response to Fire, Rescue and First Responder Calls    

            Post fire clean-up of equipment

            Vehicle maintenance

            After hour call back required

            Keep reports and records updated

            Fire Prevention related duties

            Lawn and grounds maintenance

            Water point inspections and maintenance

            Hydrant inspections and maintenance

            Other Fire, Rescue and First Responder related duties




      Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

            Basic knowledge of fire apparatus maintenance

            Ability to follow oral and written instructions

            Basic knowledge of modern fire fighting equipment

            Ability to exercise sound judgment and react effectively and appropriately in emergency 


            Ability to prepare routine records and reports

            Ability to maintain good working relationship with paid and volunteer firefighters

            Ability to communicate over radio

            Ability to hear and speak clearly

            No history of criminal conviction

            Good moral character

            Department physical exam is required

            Must comply and pass drug and alcohol screening

            Must have a N.C. Classified Class B Driver’s License

            Must participate in physical fitness program

            Minimum age: Firefighter – 19 years old 

      Minimum Education and Experience 

      Graduation from high school or GED equivalent

    Certified North Carolina Level II Firefighter

    Certified North Carolina EMT   

      N.C. Hazmat Awareness and Operations Certification 

      Working Hours 

      Shift work (24 hour rotating shift)             



      Dress Code:

         No Beard

            Hair length (above collar and ears)

           Uniform approval at discretion of Chief Officers 




         Starting Salary     -

Firefighter / w/o EMT $45,000

Firefighter / EMT $52,000

Firefighter Driver / EMT $56,000


        Benefit Package    - Health Care Insurance (paid for employee only)

                                        - Short Term Disability

                                     - Long Term Disability

                                     - Term Life Insurance

                                     - Accident Insurance

                                     - N.C. State Fireman’s Association Benefits

                                     - N.C. State Rescue Association Benefits

                                     - 401K Plan 

                                     - Financial Planning By Merrill Lynch 

        Training Certification Benefit – NCVFD recognizes certain levels of training certification 

                                                           to qualify employees for a salary increase. The employee

                                                           may only receive credit for two certifications per year.

                                                          Credit will be awarded on July 1st of each year (new

                                                           probationary employees will only receive this credit when 

                                                           they obtain permanent full time employment status). For

                                                           each level of certification the employee will receive a 2-

                                                            ½% pay increase. The levels recognized at this time are

                                                            as follows. 

          •  N.C. Certified Rescue Technician
          •  N.C. Certified Driver/Operator
          •  N.C. Qualified Level II Instructor
          • National Child Passenger Safety Technician Certification
          • Certified Open Water Diver (to NCVFD criteria), Swiftwater Rescue Technician 1,
          • Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced (must have two of the three levels for one
          • 2-½% increase)

          • Fire Protection Degree (2 year), after 3 years of employment, 5% increase

     All full-time paid employees of North Chatham Volunteer Fire Department will be evaluated 

     by their supervisor on a quarterly basis. Board Of Directors will make decisions for annual pay

    increases or adjustments. Salary increases are at the Board's discretion. 


       Uniform Allowance  - Uniforms are provided per Department policy
       Retirement Package –  401K plan with NCVFD contributing 6% of the Employee’s

                                            salary per year. Additional information supplied upon employment. 

        Longevity Pay  - Longevity pay will begin after the sixth year of employment. The amount

                                  will be a once-a-year payment due at the employee’s anniversary date. The

                                   rate will be based on the following scale. 

                                6 – 10 years of employment = 1% of salary

                               11 – 15 years of employment = 2% of salary

                               16 + years of employment    = 3% of salary  

Pension Fund   - North Chatham FD will pay $120 per year to North

                                Carolina Fireman’s and Rescue Workers Pension Plan

                             for employee after 1 year of employment. 

       Travel  - 50 cents/mile will be reimbursed to employee for approved use of personal

                    vehicle. Must provide department with an adequate mileage statement for  


            Call Back     - Employee will be compensated for all approved overtime.  

            Educational Leave: 36 hours per year for permanent full time employees 

       Vacation Leave

      Shift Personnel:                                          40 Hour/Week Personnel:

      1-5   years – 12  hrs./28 day pay period        1-5   years – 8  hrs./28 day pay period

      6-10  years – 14 hrs./28 day pay period        6-10  years – 10 hrs./28 d1ay pay period

      11-15  years – 16 hrs./28 day pay period     11-15  years – 12 hrs./28 day pay period

      16-20  years – 18 hrs./28 day pay period     16-20  years – 14 hrs./28 day pay period

      20 +   years – 20 hrs./28 day pay period      20 +   years – 16 hrs./28 day pay period 

      Employee may accumulate 240 hours of vacation time. Vacation is payable on termination. 

      Sick Leave

      Shift Personnel:                                      40 hour/Week Personnel:

      1-5   years – 12  hrs./28 day pay period      1-5 years – 8 hrs./28 day pay period    

     6-10 years – 14 hrs./28 day pay period       6-10 years – 8 hrs./28 day pay period

  11-15  years – 16 hrs./28 day pay period    11-15 years - 8 hrs./28 day pay period

      16-20  years – 18 hrs./28 day pay period    16-20 years - 8 hrs./28 day pay period

     20 + years - 20 hrs./28 day pay period       20 + years - 8 hrs./28 day pay period


      Employee may accumulate 3,120 hours of sick leave time. Sick leave is not payable on  

    termination except under the following criteria. 

      After an employee obtains 15 years of paid service with North Chatham FD 

     They will be paid for a percentage of their accumulated sick leave upon

     leaving the department. The rate paid to the employee will be based on

     the median yearly income from the beginning until the end of their employment.   


     The following scale will be used.  

            Years of Service    Percentage Paid

           15-20                          25%

           20-25                         50% 

           25-30                         75% 

           30+                            100% 

      Holiday Pay:  

    All shift employees are expected to work on all holidays. Shift employees that work on the

    holidays recognized by North Chatham FD will be paid double their regular hourly rate.